Post-Jam Release

If you played Combine Racers during the Jam, you may have struggled with the last jump.

The reason is probably that you were jumping! Prior to this update, when you jumped, an impulse was applied along the combine's "up vector." When traveling on ramps, that vector was pointing slightly behind you. So when you jumped, you were actually losing forward speed. If you had an active boost, you could get away with jumping. But if not, the only way to make the jump was to... not jump.

That issue is now fixed, and the last jump has been tweaked slightly as well.

Also, there were a couple more tweaks:

  • You can now use the left gamepad stick for throttle, if you wish.
  • The speedometer is a little less twitchy

These changes have invalidated any previous records, so the leaderboard has been reset.

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Version v0.2.0 Sep 16, 2022
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Version v0.2.0 Sep 16, 2022

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