This is a TD featuring animated trees called Ents. It's an Enty TD. Get it?

Help your workers to mine resources that they can use to build towers for their defense.

Acknowledgements and source code. Thanks also to M and @adsick for their feedback, and @tuxmain for sparking the idea for the name.


Camera Pan: WASD / QZSD /     
Select Tool: 1 / 2
Paint With Tool: Left Mouse Button


You need to demonstrate to the tutorial that you understand what it's telling you.

Keep your workers actively mining. They will prioritize tower-building tasks. Click and hold the LMB to designate a bunch of mining tasks rapidly.

Tower range is limited and enemies are coming from all over the place. Choose your placements well.

Enemies might take shortcuts! You can place towers strategically to alter their path.

Dev Notes

I wanted to explore a few ideas with this.

  • Mashing up Tower Defense + "Mining Game"
  • Dynamic-ish enemy pathing without the typical totally open "mazing" focused play. e.g. Ents can move through the forest. Enemies may shortcut the road, but you can build strategically to prevent this.

I also wanted to challenge myself to use as few external bevy crates as possible. No tilemap or asset loading plugins allowed! I ended up with a modest suite of bevy_common_assets, bevy_nine_slice_ui, and my own bevy_pipelines_ready.

I had grand ambitions about all things workers might be able to do -- upgrading towers, sleeping, eating, producing the next generation of workers, interacting with enemies, etc. I bit off way more than I can chew and it's a minor miracle that you even have something to play here.

The difficulty levels may not be well balanced, but the game should be winnable on Normal, Hard, and even Impossible mode. If you beat Impossible, please post a screenshot!

The Future

This is a genre I'd love to explore further. But the game is built on a house of cards in a very slapdash fashion and I don't know if it will withstand any more features being added. I would want to rewrite a bunch of code before continuing much further.

I'll likely be keeping this up-to-date with Bevy releases and making small improvements along the way, like my other little projects.

I'd love to hear your suggestions about what direction I might take the gameplay.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withAudacity, GIMP
Tags2D, bevy, Open Source, rust, Tower Defense
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSource code


Download 23 MB
Version v0.3.0 Jan 05, 2024
entytd-macOS-apple-silicon.dmg 22 MB
Version v0.3.0 Jan 05, 2024
entytd-macOS-intel.dmg 22 MB
Version v0.3.0 Jan 05, 2024
Download 19 MB
Version v0.3.0 Jan 05, 2024

Development log


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Great stuff

Hey thanks!

this game is extremely good

Thank you for the kind words.

I didn’t read much about it before hitting “play” ; so I was thinking “This reminds me of dwarf fortress!”

Solid game overall! sure upgrades/tower types are a bit missing but hey it’s a game jam! The tutorial is a very nice touch!

For suggestions to where the game could go, focusing on the workers would be a neat idea, to differentiate from classic towerdefenses 👍

(3 edits) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback!

I think that's a really good suggestion -- there are a ton of tower defense games out there, focusing on what makes this sort of unique seems like a good way to think about it.

Though I think it would be possible to go too far and start drawing unfavorable comparisons to other games.